Tenant Promotion

Tenant Promotion

☆★From Tenant to members, December Special Promotion★☆
※ Prices are subject to change due to tax reform. (Click on the store name to link to the introductory page)

Asahi Cafe   Tel :03-2276-6433


  • Strawberry snowman RM2.50
  • Christmas cup cakes RM10.90
  • Christmas flavour cake RM15.90

Business hours
Mon-Fri 9:00-16:00
Sat 9:30-16:30
(Holiday: Sunday)

Asahi Vacations Travel & Tours   Tel :03-2276-0133

① Kota Kinabalu Tour  @RM480.00 per person

Kinabalu Park & Porin Hot Springs Day Tour
(entrance fee included)

② Kuching Tour  RM1,250.00~ per person


③ Lipe Island Tour  

@RM430.00~ per person / day-trip round-trip tickets

Bunga Raya   Tel :03-2274-3607

cashew nuts & anchovies
 RM21.00 (100g)

Tualang Honey
 1KG:RM145 250g:RM60 70g:RM25

Pineapple Cake
 RM15 (6 pieces) RM40 for 3 boxes

Birdie Gift
 Fresh & Frozen fruits, Orchid flower

Wafudo  Tel :03-2276-0359

① 2024 Calendar

  • "dog",  " cat",  and other calendars Price: RM10/copy
  • "Beautiful Malaysia" Price: RM30/copy

② 2024 Original New Year's Card Creation Service
 We will create a New Year's card with your favorite photo.
 Original New Year's card creation fee (including glossy postcard paper and printing fee)

  •  ~  20sheets   RM80
  •  ~  50sheets RM120
  •  ~100sheets RM200
  •  ~150sheets RM280
  •  ~200sheets RM350

③ Trevino household water purifier (MK204MX)
 For direct installation of high-performance faucets(Made in Japan)
 Special price RM271.60 Regular price RM388 (30% OFF)

 ④ Gray hair dye

  1. Rishiri color shampoo for gray hair
    Every time you use it, it removes gray hair. For beautiful hair color!
    3 colors: light brown, dark brown, and black
    Price : RM143.10 (Regular price RM159) 
  2. Rishiri hair color treatment for gray hair Gentle on the scalp, no odor
    3 colors : light brown, dark brown, black
    Price : RM134.10(Regular price RM149 )
  3. Rishiri Gray Hair Hide
    A coat before going out!
    3 colors : Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black
    price : RM116.10(Regular price RM129)

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