Batik Class

Experience the basic process of making a Batik painting, a traditional Malaysian art.In addition, during the holidays of Japanese schools, Batik classes for children are held.

◆Batik class for children ◆ 
Date&Time : To Be Announced

Venue:Fuji/Cooking Room(2F)   
Qualification:Family member aged 3 years or older. Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.

sample design of a batik : Here 

◆Batik Class◆  
Date&Time:To Be Announced 

Venue:Fuji/Cooking Room(2F) 
Fee:RM169.60(RM160+SST6%)/Course(material cost included)
Qualification:Members over 18 years old   
Capacity:15 people(Please note that class is not conducted if less than 5 people.)

Sample Design:Please choose from A to C in the picture above.
(It is also possible to combine two flowers of the same type. You can choose the color of the flowers.)

You will experience the basic process of making a batik painting.
We used a tool to put wax on the cloth, paint with a brush and fingers. Then we crack the wax to create a crack-pattern and complete the picture.


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