Batik class for children

Experience the basic process of making a Batik painting, a traditional Malaysian art.


Date&Time :We will inform on this page once we have decided the schedule.
           *Please come at least 5 minutes in advance
Venue : Fuji/Cooking Room(2F) 

Fee : RM74.20(RM70+SST6%) material cost included
Qualification:Family members 3 years old or above (Under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a guardian)
How to apply:JCKL office counter
                             *Not applicable via TEL/Email
             *If you cannot attend class after you apply, you can transfer to the Bangsar classroom.(No refund)

Capacity : 10 people for each class(Please note that class is not conducted if less than 4 people.)
What to bring: 1 toilet roll, apron
Design:Please contact JCKL office.


For more details, kindly contact JCKL office.

JCKL Office Ms. Okumoto
Tel:03-2274 2274