MK ゴスペルクワイヤ 
MK Gospel Choir


We are a music group that repertoires a wide range of music, mainly gospel music.
We have been working independently until now, but this time started as a circle in JCKL.

We have performed in New Year's parties and Christmas parties in JCKL, and have performed six independent concerts, which are scheduled to be held in May next year.

Harmony is emphasized, and each part is carefully picked and we practice repeatedly until everyone's sound comes together, then we move on to choreography that matches the image of the song.

why don't we enjoy the harmony together?
The membership fee is free. (There are some expense for costume fees, holding voluntary concerts, etc.)



Small Conference or Teacher's house in Mont Kiara 
Date & Time

Every other Wed 10:00~12:00 hrs, Intensive training at the instructor's home9:00~12:00 hrs(irregular)

Tel Akanuma:010-368-7435
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