Bon Odori

This event started out as a small affair for Japanese expatriates to immerse their children in Japanese culture in 1977. It has now grown into a much-awaited annual event of about 35,000 participants each year.    



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Date & Time    20th July 2024 (Sat) 19:00~21:45 hrs (Gate Open 4:30pm)
Venue  Kompleks Sukan Negara Shah Alam (Panasonic)
 ※You can also search as “Panasonic Sports Complex Shah Alam” on  Google Map or Waze.

 ※To avoid massive traffic jams and due to lack of parking space, please use of the KTM Komuter and FREE Shuttle Bus service !
Access  FREE shuttle bus service (10 buses) between KTM Shah Alam Station and the stadium will be provided.  However the departure and arrival time of the buses are not synchronized with KTM train time schedule. 
 Time: 16:00 ~ 22:00 hrs 

We are now requesting pre-registration (free admission) for Bon-Odori event.
Additionally, we kindly ask your donations to ensure sustainable financial operations in the future. Although donations are not mandatory, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. After completing the pre-registration, you will be directed to the donation page. We will strictly manage the information you provide and use it solely for informing you about this Bon Odori event.
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Exclusive Parking lot for members of The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur will be available at Panasonic AVC Networks in front of the venue.
・Parking will be available until 6:00 pm on a first-come, first-served basis (limited number of spaces).
Car stickers OR membership card issued by JCKL must be presented to the Traffic Control Volunteers to confirm your membership.
*The blue car sticker validity date, as shown in the picture, has been extended, and is still able to continue using after Oct 2023.

※Baggage CHECKS may be CARRIED OUT during entry.

The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur
The Japanese School of Kuala Lumpur
Embassy of Japan

Alumni Look East Policy Society (ALEPS)
Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia (JAGAM)
The Japanese Chamber of Trade & Industry, Malaysia Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd

The State Government of Selangor
Invest Selangor Berhad
Ministry of Youth and Sports

PROGRAMME (Tentative) 

4:30 pm Gates Open
7:00 pm Opening– Drum Performance
7:15 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 1
7:45 pm Japanese 
"Wadaiko" Performance
 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 2
8:50 pm Bon Odori Dance – Part 3
9:30 pm Closing Address




  1.  Due to the hot spell, please bring and consume lots of drinking water to prevent dehydration.
  2.  Sale of Alcohol is NOT allowed! Bringing own alcohol for self-consumption is allowed.
  3.  NO SMOKING! The field is for dancing, please do not to sit on the field. Securing a spot by putting your bags is prohibited.
  4.  The Bon Odori Festival organizers shall NOT be responsible for any injuries or damage of properties that might occur during event.
  5.  Please do NOT wear High Heels in order not to damage turf.
  6.  Drones are strictly PROHIBITED! Only the police have the authorities to fly the drone.
  7.  Hazardous items and/or items which can be regarded as weapons are also not allowed. Please refrain from bringing any such items to the venue.

◆Bon Odori 2023◆