Public Holiday

in Malaysia
Public Holiday

These public holidays are for KL and Selangor.
Please check the  Federal and States Public Holiday 2021 (Malaysia) for other states.

Date  Holiday
1.1.2021 (Fri) New Year Day
28.1.2021 (Thu) Thaipusam
1.2.2021 (Mon) Federal Territory Day
12.2.2021 (Fri) Chinese New Year
13.2.2021 (Sat) Chinese New Year
29.4.2021 (Thu) Nuzul Al-Quran Day
1.5.2021 (Sat) Labour Day
13.5.2021 (Thu) Hari Raya Puasa ★
14.5.2021 (Fri) Hari Raya Puasa ★
26.5.2021 (Wed) Wesak Day
7.6.2020 (Mon) Agong's Birthday
20.7.2021 (Tue) Hari Raya Haji(Hari Raya Qurban) ★
10.8.2021 (Tue) Awal Muharam
31.8.2021 (Tue) Independence Day
16.9.2021 (Thu) Malaysia Day
19.10.2021 (Tue) Prophet Mohammed's Birthday
4.11.2021 (Thu) Deepavali ★
11.12.2021 (Sat) Selangor Agong's Birthday (Only Selangor)
25.12.2021 (Sat) Christmas

☆Replacement is not finalized as it is not a government announcement.
★Subject to change