New Strain Covid-19 Virus Outbreak Caution


New Strain Corona Virus Prevention Measures

To all members,


As per reported in media, on 28th Feb 2020, a Malaysian female citizen came back from touring Japan, a female Japanese, and an Italian returning from Italy had been confirmed to be infected by the new strain corona virus.
As for our club, we take seriously this fact and from the viewpoint of prevention and safety towards our members, as alert notification dated on the 24th of Feb 2020, in view of the specificity and urgency of the situation, we have raise the alertness to a higher level. We hope for your further understanding.

<The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur entry Restriction>
For members who has visited any of the following countries, Japan, China, South Korea, Italy and Iran on a business trip, leisure or brief return to own country are required to self-quarantine for 14days and regardless of members or non-members, he or she will not be allowed to enter the clubhouse unless he or she could confirm that they have no symptoms such as fever, coughing and tiredness before being allowed entry. This restriction will be in place until the origin country has improved the outbreak from expanding much further. We will announce officially if  the restriction will be relaxed or lifted once improvement has been identified.

For new members applications for those who have entered this country but less than 14days, you can apply for membership by downloading the application forms from our homepage, filling the necessary information, scanning in PDF format with other related documents and email back to us without the requirement for you to come personally to our clubhouse. 

Management Office
The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur


To all members,


The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur is a place were a lot of people gather from members, Japan and other citizens from other countries can come and use the clubhouse.

As the new strain Covid-19 Virus outbreak, information changes daily and it is difficult to predict .However as per current state, we do not promote self-restraint of club activities, but if you have returned from a trip to Japan, China or Korea on a business trip or holidaying, please refrain yourself from participating in activities and events where you would be in contact with many people for a minimum of two weeks. Especially if you are feeling unwell due to fever, cough,  drowsiness and/or have some difficulty breathing, please refrain from going out in public and if the fever of 37.5 C or more which prolongs for more than 4 days, please consult your medical physician immediately.

For the time being, from the prevention perspective, we will restrict the accompanying of non-members with members for other than specific activities or purposes permitted in advance. Therefore, please be sure to attach the latest (pink) car sticker to your car when coming to the clubhouse and you may be asked to show your membership card when entering the clubhouse. Please be sure to bring along your membership card with you.
On the other hand, members who are concerned to be in contact with those who returned from abroad even though tourist and visitors were checked during entry, please self-judge and take extra precautions such as wearing mask and frequently washing your hands with the sanitizer provided in our clubhouse as the club will not do body temperature checks upon entry to the clubhouse.

JCKL Management office