Charity Bazaar

Japan Charity Bazaar was held on Sunday, 10th November, 2019 was a great success with many visitors.

On behalf of the Bazaar Committee, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who supported the bazaar, those who donated vouchers and products, donated cash, exhibited handmade products and foods, and all those who made great efforts to participate in the bazaar.

Japan Charity Bazaar 2019 Income and Expenditure Report

Sales of the Bazaar Day 70,294.10 Bazaar Venue  23,000.00
Particulars Handicraft  14,363.00 Material Costs (handicraft & Food) 5,222.25
Yukata Dressing Corner 855.00 Bazaar-Day Volunteer Allowance
(Foods & Drinks)
Sponsored New Items 25,023.00 Printing Costs 3,932.60
Vouchers Corner 21,530.00 Insurance  1,300.80
Sponsored Food Corner 903.00 Admin Charges (stationery etc) 438.75
Door Tickets 7,580.00 Gifts and Tips 990.00
Donation Box 40.10 Equipment 400.85
Donation from Voluntary Group 11,131.45 Miscellaneous (laundry etc) 316.20
Particulars Fellowship of Handicrafts Donation  4,666.00 Charity Homes Visit Exp. 3,607.25
Tea Ceremony Corner Donation 300.00 Outsourcing Security Guard Service  1,032.12
Painting Club 310.00 Bazaar Related Meetings and Preparation Activities  2,623.40
Katorea Sales Donation 1,189.45  
Donation from Booths Vendors   1,700.00
Donation from Corporates & Individual 78,820.00
Advance Tickets 15,107.00
Booths Rental   29,250.00
① Total Income of Charity Bazaar 136,008.45 ➂ Total Expenditure of Charity Bazaar 45,979.31
Proceeds of Charity Bazaar 
② Other income
(Charity second-hand book Sale, Charity recylce sale etc)
10,993.24 ④ Other Expenses 14,240.10
Total Income of Foundation
147,001.69 ③+④
Total Expenditure of Foundation
Net Income
86,782.28 Donation to Beneficiaries/Charity Homes 143,481.69