About Application

Q:How can I apply for membership?

A:Kindly login to the website for application. Please refer to the page of How to Join for further details. Applications for membership will only be accepted after entering Malaysia.

Q:Can anyone be registered as a Nominee?

A:Japanese person who employed by the corporate member.
The nominee is also required to register as an individual member, but there are no admission fee and deposit, no monthly fees for single member, and RM 30 (+Tax) for family members. No introducer is required for nominee.

About Introducer

Q:Can I become a member if there is no introducer?

A:You can apply for membership even if there is no introducer. There is a 3 months period for you to look for an introducer. If you still can't find one in 3 months, Executive Secretary will have an Interview with you.

Q:Is the introducer responsible for paying the arrears of the recommending member instead?

A:The introducer is not a guarantor, for example, when recommended member defaults membership fees, unable to contact him/her we may ask the introducer to assist in contacting them. JCKL will not ask Introducer to pay for the recommended member.

About Changing Personal Information

Q:How to change my address/change my billing address?

A:Kindly login to your member page and update the changes (home address / email etc.) from Membership Information page. (Monthly Invoice will send by e-mail.)

About Change of Corporate Member's Nominee

A:Kindly login to the current nominee ‘s individual member page and submit resignation application for his/her individual membership.
Then, login to the Corporate member page and register new nominee from the Membership Information page. If the new nominee has not joined as individual member yet, please proceed to new nominee membership application.

About Absent Membership

Q:Can I apply as an absent member, when I leave Malaysia for a while?

A:If you are leaving Malaysia for more than three months, upon approval from the Committee, there is a condition that you can apply to be an "absence member" for up to 24 months.
You will be exempted from the membership fee during your absence.

You need to apply from your member’s page and submit a document in PDF that can prove the reason for the absence (Temporary transfer orders from the Company to overseas locations, copies of airline tickets, etc.).
Kindly login to the member page for Absent Application. Your application must be submitted 7 days before your departure, or by 20th of the month before your actual absence start. Please key-in the actual departure date as your absence start date.

About Visiting member

Q:If I stay for a short time, can I join JCKL?

A:Only Japanese nationals of 20 years old above who have entered Malaysia without long term visa can join as "visiting member" up to the period of stay permitted by the Malaysian Immigration.
You can choose the term of membership from 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. Deposit and introducer are not required.

About Resignation

Q:How to resign?

A: Kindly login to your member page and apply resignation through the Membership Changes page. Please submit resignation application by 20th of your resigning month. Any delays of the submission will cause the charging of membership subscription fee for next month.

About Clubhouse entry procedure

Q:How to enter JCKL clubhouse?

A:Basically, our facilities are only for members. Please apply and record your particulars at our Guard house next to entrance gate, and get a visitor pass, you can enter the clubhouse with it. You can look around by yourself. Visitation is limited to 3 times per person (Within 2 weeks).

About Monthly Payment

Q:How to pay the monthly membership fee?

A:Please login to your member page and proceed to pay from payment gateway page (Razer).

If you would like to have your payment automatically debited using the JCKL AEON Credit Card, please login to your membership page and fill in the Change of Payment Method under Membership Changes page.

If you would like to pay in advance, please contact office@jckl.org.my.


Q:After membership application, I have not received any notification by email.

A:Please contact office@jckl.org.my for enquiries.